16 February 2023 · MGM News

Introducing Mazda Mutts 2.0

Mazda Mutts 2.0

Mount Gravatt Mazda Continues To help Two Tradies Provide Over 12,000 Hours of Free, Professional Mental Health Support

Mount Gravatt Mazda is excited to announce 'Mazda Mutts 2.0' as a continuation of their support and partnership with Social Enterprise, TradeMutt, and their not-for-profit organisation, This Is A Conversations Starter (TIACS), to help continue to drive more conversations about mental health around South East Queensland.

Two new Mazda SP 4X4 BT-50s, wrapped in the limited edition 'Mixed Signals Print', will be cruising the streets of South East Queensland, acting as moving billboards, continuing to spark conversations around mental health.

Famous for creating their loud, bright and funky 'conversation-starting workwear for the blue-collar workforce, TradeMutt is an organisation trying to make the invisible issue of mental health impossible to ignore. 

Born from personal tragedy, TradeMutt was co-founded by Dan Allen and Edward Ross in 2018 after a close friend took his own life. Their goal is to tackle suicide in Australia head-on, and in doing so, make Aussie tradies look great, feel great and be part of a movement that will change the face of mental health forever.

Mount Gravatt Mazda Dealer Principal, Julian Mason said: "It was an easy decision to continue our support with TradeMutt."

"Mount Gravatt Mazda is immensely proud of our partnership, and we're pleased to extend our support. We want to help TradeMutt and TIACS to continue doing what they do best in the mental health space. We know that the extra exposure they receive will translate to lives saved." Mason said.

The partnership with Mount Gravatt Mazda and Trademutt was formed back in 2021, with community and conversations being the essence of their alliance, dismissing the notion that talk was cheap.

As a local family-owned business in Brisbane, Mount Gravatt Mazda is dedicated to enriching its community and fostering a spirit of involvement. They firmly believe they are responsible for giving something back to the community in which they do business.

"This is our version of an 'Influencer Program'. TradeMutt represents far more than filters on social media. They stand for the opposite… vulnerability, social responsibility and advocacy for mental health," said Mason.

Mount Gravatt Mazda proudly joined forces again with Wippels Mazda, who similarly supplied a Mazda BT-50. The dynamic duo, Peter and Sam from Bailey Print Group, transferred the TradeMutt limited edition 'Mixed Signals Print' to wheels, bringing Mazda Mutts 2.0 to life.

Mazda Mutts 2.0 stands for resilience and so much more. With suicide and mental health issues dramatically on the rise nationally, Julian, Ed and Dan thought there was no better way to help drive a social shift in the way mental health is perceived. These BT-50s are head turners, conversation starters and act as a mobile resource tool. A scannable QR code can be seen on the tailgate for quick access to free mental health support from TIACS.

"The partnership has continued to flourish, which has been a testament to our shared values and passion for mental health. Ed and Dan are wonderful role models for our community, our state and the nation," said Monique Mason, Mount Gravatt Mazda Marketing Manager.

Mazda Mutts 2.0