11 January 2022 · Tips N' Tricks

Your Top 5 Ownership Questions Answered

Mazda Ownership Questions


There is no such thing as a silly question. That's why our Mount Gravatt Mazda team is always ready to answer any questions you may have during your Zoom-Zoom journey.

Not all of us know the ins and outs of owning a new Mazda and getting the most out of our time on the road. So we thought we’d take the time to answer our top 5 most asked ownership questions!


How do I get a copy of my Owner’s Manual?

Owner’s Manuals for vehicles built from 2014 onward are available via MyMazda. To get an Owner’s Manual for an older vehicle please contact us at Mount Gravatt Mazda

I have lost my key – who should I contact?

To replace a lost or stolen key, you will need to contact our service department and verify your owner details. Please note that replacement and programming fees will apply.

I have locked myself out of my car. What do I do?

In this situation, we recommend any of the following: -If you have a spare key, call a family member or friend to see if they can get it for you. -If you are a member of Mazda Roadside Assist, please contact them on 1800 034 411. -Contact a towing service or local vehicle repairer who may either gain access to your vehicle or move it to a more convenient location. -Contact us at Mount Gravatt Mazda and our Service Department can advise you further.

Where can I find my VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

VIN number location can vary by model. For information on how to find the VIN position specific to your vehicle, please search "vehicle identification number" in the alphabetical index at the rear of your Owner’s Manual. You can also find your VIN on the vehicle registration certificate issued by your state’s vehicle registration body.

Can Mazda diagnose my vehicle over the phone or via email?

No. It is impossible to accurately diagnose a vehicle's condition via phone or email. We recommend that the vehicle be physically inspected by our Mazda trained technicians at Mount Gravatt Mazda. Please contact our Service Deaprtment to organise a physical inspection of your vehicle.