15 February 2022 ·

What Factors Can Affect The Fuel Consumption For My Vehicle?

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Want to know how to maximise your fuel consumption?  The choices we make when driving can influence how much fuel we use. Below is our list of the most common factors that contribute to higher fuel consumption in your brand new Mazda.

  • High speeds- Driving fast will result in high fuel consumption.
  • Aerodynamic drag- Parts on the exterior of a vehicle such as roof racks and spoilers, or having the window open, increases air resistance and fuel consumption.
  • Air Conditioning- Air conditioners use extra fuel when operating.
  • Vehicle Load- The more a vehicle carries the more fuel it uses. This includes carrying passengers, carrying loads in the vehicle and towing.
  • Repeated Short Distance Driving.
  • Frequently Driving in Stop and Go Conditions.

The Green Vehicle Guide website advises that the Fuel Consumption Label contains results based on a standard test procedure, so consumers can reliably compare the performance of different models under the same test conditions. However, no test can simulate all possible combinations of traffic conditions, climate, driver behaviour and vehicle maintenance. For further information regarding the Fuel Consumption Label, please click here.