18 January 2022 ·

What Do I Do If I Have Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

What Do I Do If I Have Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

Putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle is common and can be a costly misstep. If you have pulled up to the wrong pump by mistake and started re-fuelling, don’t panic. Follow our tips on what to do next.

If you have accidentally put petrol in a diesel tank/diesel in a petrol tank, do not turn on the ignition or start the engine. This will circulate the contaminated fuel and increase the risk of damage to your vehicle. You can risk causing permanent damage which will lead to a costly repair. 

Let the service/petrol station know.

Ensuring the ignition is off, put your car in neutral and ask for assistance to push your vehicle to a safe location.

If you are driving and notice something is quite right (loss of power, smoking engine or exhaust), pull over to a safe location.

Contact Mazda Assist or your breakdown recovery team to have your vehicle towed to our Service Department at Mount Gravatt Mazda or a local repairer.

The contaminated fuel will need to be removed and replaced with clean fuel before the vehicle can be started. Please note that any damage caused by the use of incorrect fuel will not be covered by the warranty.