2 March 2021 · Tips N' Tricks

The Mazda BT-50 is the perfect choice for dog lovers

What’s the point in owning a typical Aussie ute if you don't have your pooch travelling in the tray? Owning both a ute and dog come hand in hand, in fact in some cases, it’s the only reason people truly want a ute (they may never admit this of course), but they just can't wait to pop their dog in the tray for their next big adventure.

Your dog is your best friend. He’s been with you through thick and thin. He’s there for you through good times and bad. He’s your loyal companion, no matter what. Given all of the things your dog is to you, and all of the things that he does for you, it only makes sense that you want to bring him along for the ride. Think of all the adventures you will have, just you, your K9 companion, the open road, and your brand new Mazda BT-50. Let's face it, the BT-50 is the complete package for you and your furry friend.

Not only will your dog love the uninterrupted fresh air and smells, but it also means no dog hair on the seats. Win-win, right? Besides, if your dog has a good day, you’re destined to as well. If you don’t agree – it’s a dog person thing.

Mazda BT-50 and a mans best friend

It can also be a really practical option (apart from the no dog hair on the seat thing), especially for those who own a big dog or more than one dog. Not having to fit the pooches inside the cabin of the vehicle on big family trips, means more room for the rest of the family. This is something I’m sure both the children and the dog will appreciate. But for those pampered pooches that do travel in the cabin, they can enjoy the comfort of the rear air vents in the second row. 



The Mazda BT-50 Accessories aren’t just for humans to enjoy. The Tub Mat or Tub Liner will be a great choice for those planning to pop their dog in the tub. Having a bit of added protection in the tub means more comfort for your pooch, plus it’s non-slip. Perfect after a day out at the river! But, wet dog means dirty dog, so being able to hose down the liner when you get home will make cleaning an absolute breeze. Having tub protection means no scratches on the paintwork from dog claws either!

Having Tailgate Assist will mean that lowering the tailgate to let the pooch in and out will be made far easier. This genuine accessory offers soft-release and hands-free lowering. Lifting is even easier as your tailgate lightly raises to close.



We do recommend checking your local legal requirements for travelling with dogs as they are required to be restrained while travelling in the car. The four tie-down points in the tub of the BT-50 make it far easier to ensure your pooch is safely secured at all times.



Thousands of dogs are injured each year while travelling in the back of utes because they aren't properly restrained. The dogs may be struck by tree branches or cars, be dragged along the side of vehicles or jump from moving vehicles.

Cage or tether your dog at all times if they travel in the back of utes, tray backs or trucks. This stops a dog from falling out or injuring itself and fulfils your legal obligation to make sure your dog is safe.

When you are travelling with your animal in the back of a utility it is recommended:

  • Not to restrain with a choker chain;
  • Restrain the dog behind the cabin and in the middle. Use a secure neck collar or harness;
  • Ensure the lead is not too short or long so the dog can move from side to side comfortably and without being able to jump over the side;
  • Secure loose equipment;
  • Be aware of pedestrians;
  • Placed in an enclosed shelter/cage. This will protect the dog from dust and wind. Avoiding branches and other projectiles whilst travelling; and
  • Cover the metal floor of the ute. In the hot conditions, the metal will heat up and burn the dog’s claws.
  • Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010 there are penalties for travel with an unsecured load on the back of a light vehicle. An unrestrained dog can be considered an unsecured load. Penalties of up to $2,669 may apply if you don't comply.
Mazda BT-50 dog