18 June 2024 · Tips N' Tricks

Reshape Your Commute


49 minutes a day – that’s how long Australians are spending on average in their daily commute. Add to that the fact that 85% of commuters say too many drivers and road users are not safe or courteous, and you’ve got a recipe for a stressful bookend to each working day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. While you might not be able to change the length of your commute or the behaviour of other road users, you can change the quality of the time you spend travelling. Here are some tips for transforming the daily commute from tedious and frustrating to engaging and, if not entirely relaxing, then at least a bit more peaceful.

We live in the golden era of podcasts and audiobooks. History, crime, science, pop culture, politics, art – there is literally something for everyone. Do you want an epic novel that will see you through several weeks’ worth of commutes, or a new podcast to hit play on every time you settle into the driver’s seat? Either way, podcasts and audiobooks have the power to transform your commute from something you’re resigned to to something you actually look forward to. You might even find yourself driving around the block just to squeeze in those last minutes of a riveting true crime podcast or the final chapter of a novel that’s got you hooked.

2. Get a head start

Your commute can be the perfect chance to get up to date on industry news or hear insights from industry leaders. Again here, podcasts are your best friend and allow you to spend your driving time getting prepared for the working day on your terms. The key is to make sure it’s a positive experience, not one that causes anxiety – think stimulating rather than stressful, an opportunity for brainstorming rather than boredom.

3. Chill out

Inconsiderate drivers, endless queues of unmoving vehicles, and disruptive roadworks can all combine to create a perfect recipe for stress as you drive. Nothing can magic those realities away, but you can use your commute as an opportunity to find some calm in your day. There are myriad relaxation apps, many of which feature meditations specifically for commuters (check out Calm and Insight Timer) or you might find some simple mindfulness techniques do the trick to keep you relaxed and focused throughout your drive. Just remember, the goal of partaking in relaxation or mindfulness while driving should be to create a sense of calm, not to make you sleepy!

How ever you decide to spend your drive time, make sure you do it safely. That means no fiddling around on your phone while driving. Fines differ from state to state but in QLD the fine for illegal mobile phone use is $1,161 and you could lose at least four demerit points. So make sure you’ve got your podcasts or playlists set up and ready to go and your Bluetooth and hands-free sorted. If you do find yourself getting distracted, be sure to stop immediately to set yourself up again before getting back on the road. 

Source: Shell Go Well Content Hub