24 March 2020 · Tips N' Tricks

Replacing Your Wiper Blades


The spring and summer months in Queensland are typically filled with rain and thunderstorms, but they also lead to dirt, grime and bugs on our windshields because of our love for the summer vacay road trip. Either scenario requires a good set of windscreen wipers and replenished wiper fluid in order to optimise visibility for the driver.

Today the team at Mount Gravatt Mazda is going to share when to replace the windscreen wipers on your Mazda and how to replace them yourselves.

Windscreen wipers face a great deal of wear and tear throughout the year. From rain to dust to bugs, they work hard to keep the windshield free from any visual obstructions. It only makes sense that they need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis.

Windscreen wipers that have been exposed to a number of elements should be replaced roughly every six months to a year. But ultimately, as soon as you notice a negative difference in visibility you should swap out your blades for new ones.


  • If you have noticed any streaking, shuttering or unusual noise coming from your windscreen wipers, chances are that the wiper blades or assembly needs replacing.
  • It is best to do this as soon as possible or damage to the windscreen of the vehicle may occur.


- Check your Mazda owner’s manual for the appropriate blade size

- Remove the old windshield wiper

  • Lift the arm away from windshield
  • Press tab located underneath the wiper where it connects to the arm
  • Slide blade off the arm in a downward motion

- Replace with new windshield wiper blade

  • Slide new blade onto the arm until you hear a click
  • The blade will then be locked to the arm
  • Lower arm gently back onto the windshield

- Repeat these steps with second wiper blade

- Check that the wiper blades are functioning properly

  • The best way to test the wipers is to simply use the windscreen washer generally located on one of the indicator stalk/lever next to the steering wheel. Be sure to check the windscreen washer level before you begin the process. If anything seems abnormal, stop the wiper function immediately and ensure the blade has been clipped in properly.
  • Always ensure the windscreen washer reservoir is topped up using water and a good quality windscreen washer additive.


For any and all of your vehicle servicing needs, schedule a car maintenance appointment with the team at Mount Gravatt Mazda today. We’ll ensure the heart and soul of your vehicle is taken care of.