28 January 2022 ·

Receiving And Replying To Messages Using Mazda Connect

Mazda Text Messaging


Drive safely and stay connected. Your Mazda helps you stay connected with family and friends with text messaging – helping you stay focused on driving*.

Receiving And Replying To Messages Using Mazda Connect


SMS (Short Message Service) messages received by the connected Bluetooth® device can be downloaded, displayed on the centre display, and read out in artificial voice. In addition, preset replies can also be made to calls and messages in the received messages. Downloading messages You can download up to 50 recent messages from a connected Bluetooth® device and display them.

Automatic Downloading

When the Message Sync setting is turned on, messages are automatically downloaded when the Bluetooth® device is connected.

Manually Downloading

If the Message Sync setting is turned off, messages can be downloaded using the following procedure.

  1. Select “Communication” on the home screen.
  2. Select “Text Messages”.
  3. When “Update List” is selected, the messages are downloaded from your Bluetooth® device.



Do the following operation while connected after pairing is completed.

  1. (iPhone® operation) Select the Settings menu → Bluetooth → Device “Mazda”.
  2. (iPhone® operation) Turn on the Display notifications item.
  3. (Operation on this unit) Turn off Bluetooth®.
  4. (Operation on this unit) Turn on Bluetooth® again and wait until an iPhone® connects automatically again.
  5. (Operation on this unit) After connecting the iPhone®, it can be used if “Text Messages” can be selected.


Receiving Messages

When the Text Message Notifications setting is on and your Bluetooth® device receives a message, the message notification is displayed. When “Read” is selected, messages are displayed.

The following menu is displayed on the message details screen. The displayed menu differs depending on the use conditions.

  • Menu                     Explanation
  • Play                        Reads out the currently displayed message. 
  • Pause                     Pauses the read out of a received message.
  • Previous                 Displays the previous message.
  • Next                       Display the next message.
  • Reply                      Only replies to the sender of the currently displayed message. Select the sentence on the displayed reply screen and select the sentence for sending from the preset message.
  • Call                          Makes a call to the sender of the currently displayed message. If a phone number of a person who sent a message is unknown, a call cannot be made.


Editing Preset Messages

  1. Select “Communication” on the home screen.
  2. Select “Communication Settings”.
  3. Select “Preset Text Messages”.
  4. Select the preset message you want to edit from the preset message list.
  5. When inputting the message you want to change and selecting, the message is stored as a preset message.

Now you know how to receive and reply to a text message using Mazda Connect. For further questions, feel free to contact us at Mount Gravatt Mazda to learn more about the Mazda Connect infotainment system.

*Functions available depending on the region differ. For details, please contact your nearest dealer.

**Some models