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21 March 2023 · Tips N' Tricks

Product Tip - BT-50 Walk Away Door Lock

Are you sick of searching for your keys in order to lock your vehicle? Do you ever wonder if you remembered to lock your car? Do you ever have to go back outside just to make sure? Great news! A fantastic feature of the Mazda BT-50 is the walkaway auto-lock function. 

A beep sound is heard when all doors are closed while the advanced key is being carried. Simply wait for the beep before it engages when you leave the vehicle. Once you're about three to five meters away,  it will beep again and your Mazda will be locked. Also, the hazard warning lights will flash once. (Even if you are in the operational range, all doors are locked automatically after about 30 seconds.)

You no longer need to fumble for keys as you're leaving the car. If you're carrying the advanced key, the car will lock itself.

This is yet another feature of the Mazda BT-50. A high-end luxury trait that you won't find in other trucks. Now that's great technology and convenience.