21 February 2023 · Tips N' Tricks

Our Top Five Reasons To Embrace the Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30

Reason #5 / Mazda MX-30 Electric: Steering wheel paddles offering customer choice

The steering wheel paddle shifters allow you to further tailor the driving experience via motor pedal speed settings. Starting from the default ‘D’ level, there are 2 levels of ‘heavier’ pedal settings which can be chosen by using the left paddle shifter and 2 ‘lighter’ settings selected by the right paddle shifter. This provides you with 5 levels to choose from and personalisation to meet your driving preferences.

Benefit: This means the system will always transit smoothly and in a linear manner from deceleration to acceleration and, as a result, drivers have a choice of how they would like the vehicle to respond when they lift their foot from the accelerator.

As the naming suggests, a heavier setting means a feeling of greater deceleration when the driver removes their foot from the accelerator; a lower setting means less resistance and more of a ‘coasting’ sensation.

Furthermore, when the system is on the heavier settings, the regenerative braking yields higher amounts of energy returned to the battery. This is particularly effective in stop-start urban driving where you’d traditionally need to use a lot of brake pedal and the energy would be lost to heat due to friction of the brake pad.

Try it out yourself and feel the difference!

Reason #4 / Mazda MX-30: It’s environmentally friendly

Spearheaded by Program Manager Tomiko Takeuchi and her skilled design team, Mazda MX-30 has been able to create its own set of rules. One of the core values that influenced these was ‘Sustainable materials and a well-crafted interior’.



The ‘Breathing fabric’ on the upper section of the door trim bears the name ‘Breathing’ because of the way it looks like it holds air inside it. It is an exclusive fabric made using recycled plastic bottles and designed exclusively for its pile, density, and colour. To produce such a premium material while simultaneously reducing an abundant source of plastic waste demonstrates Mazda’s commitment to its sustainability objective.

Benefit: The use of this fabric has given the Mazda MX-30 interior an open and spacious look – and is sustainable!



The seats in the MX-30 use fabrics comprised of approximately 20% recycled threads. This recycled thread ratio is extremely high for use in automobile seats for the current market.

Benefit: The seat material has both the look and feel of an extremely high-quality fabric – and is sustainable!



The Premium Vintage Leatherette developed for the MX-30 uses top-quality faux leather for its base, which is then printed with a deeply expressive vintage leather pattern. It is then finished with a silicon coating that is carefully controlled to ensure just the right thickness, giving the leatherette a sense of depth and a texture that is pleasant to touch. Furthermore, as no organic solvents are used in the production process of this faux leather, the use of this material also significantly lowers the overall environmental impact of the Mazda MX-30.

Benefit: The seats have a genuinely premium look and feel, while being particularly environmentally friendly.

*(Please note: Not included on Mazda MX-30 M Hybrid G20e Evolve)



Mazda MX-30 features a cork material named Heritage Cork on the console tray and the door grips. As well as having its historical significance with Mazda’s initial foundations in 1920 as a Cork Manufacturer, cork also provides the MX-30 with a unique interior look and is very sustainable as it’s produced by harvesting the bark of trees. This bark then regrows, meaning the cork can be harvested again and again.

Benefit: It is a true point of difference, unique to Mazda, it looks and feels premium and has almost no environmental footprint.

Mazda MX-30- Interior- freestyle doors

Reason #3 / Mazda MX–30 Electric: It’s powered for the future and fun to drive

Mazda’s First electric engine is another step toward its commitment to a more sustainable, cleaner future. The result is an efficient drive that importantly doesn’t sacrifice any of the Zoom-Zoom performance that’s in the DNA of every one of the Mazda vehicles. Typically, electric engines are associated with instant torque compared to petrol engines which provide a nimble ‘off the line’ acceleration. This is mainly due to the fact that they have a single gear, which eliminates any interruptions (losses) in torque transfer to the driven wheels.

So how is the Mazda MX-30 Electric different? The answer lies in the Mazda engineers’ dedication to Jinba Ittai – the sense of oneness between the car and driver – and this is achieved through the brand new Mazda ‘motor pedal’ technology. This essentially consists of the following:


The 107kW/271Nm electric motor in the MX-30 provides the impressive performance expected of an EV through enhancements to the rigidity of the EV motor mounts and torque transmission system.

Benefit: The vehicle reacts almost instantly to your inputs, making it more predictable.



The motor pedal operation smoothly controls torque for both acceleration and deceleration in a linear manner. For example, torque is increased gently when the pedal is depressed slowly. Conversely, torque is delivered quickly to generate powerful acceleration when the pedal is depressed faster.

Benefit: This adaptability allows you to maintain your posture during acceleration, deceleration and braking, providing a relaxed, fun and intuitive driving experience.



Something else you will be attracted to is the peaceful drive that an electric vehicle offers. Drivers of other EV’s have described the drive experience as eerie and unnerving due to the lack of noise in the cabin. Mazda engineers have maintained a peaceful interior ride by removing unnecessary noise while developing subtle and unique electrical sounds that correspond to torque levels.

Benefit: The sounds experienced while driving is not only pleasant but also give a subconscious awareness of the level of torque being produced so that you can better control the vehicle speed.



A final key difference between the Mazda MX-30 Electric and other EVs is that it still emphasises the use of a separate pedal for braking, rather than relying too heavily on the regenerative braking of the electric engine. While this not only maintains a level of familiarity for previous drivers of non-EV drivers, it also has a link to driver-centricity in that it is easier for you to maintain your posture by depressing the brake pedal than it is by simply removing it from the accelerator pedal.

Benefit: The MX-30 Electric still feels like a Mazda and you can maintain your optimum driving posture.

Reason #2 / Mazda MX-30: It’s an ode to Mazda’s heritage

Mazda Motor Corporation has a long and rich history, the starting point being its foundation in 1920 as “Toyo Cork Kogyo Co.” As indicated by the name, the company didn’t start out as an automobile manufacturer — in fact, it started out manufacturing products made from cork such as cork wine stoppers. Therefore, the inclusion of cork inside MX-30 not only provides a natural material that creates a uniquely Mazda look but it’s also an ode to our company heritage.

Not only does the inclusion of cork provide a nod to Mazda’s lustrous history, the inclusion of freestyle doors does too. Mazda used freestyle doors on the RX-8, which was in production until 2013. Having used freestyle doors on a previous model, this allowed Mazda to dramatically enhance every aspect of the freestyle doors for MX-30, including design, ease of use, and safety.

Reason #1 / Mazda MX-30: Interior design which is crafted around you

The interior of the First-Ever Mazda MX-30 is the most unique Mazda cabin yet. Not only is it crafted in a way that enables you and passengers to feel at one with the ride, but it also brings you a sense of calm and effortlessness.

The simple and elegant design results in a cabin that has everything you need within easy reach without feeling cluttered, all whilst being sustainable with the use of cork and recycled materials throughout.

The floating console is both beautifully designed and the freestyle doors provide a dramatic entrance into the well-packaged second row. It’s an interior that has been crafted with you in mind and one that you won't find in any other vehicle on the market. 

Mazda MX-30 Interior