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New Mazda CX-5 - Key Highlights

2022 Mazda CX-5

One of Australia’s favourite SUV’s has received a 2022 update which now incorporates the latest evolution of Mazda’s famous KODO design aesthetic and as you can see it will continue to impress. Hare are the 10 key areas that have been updated to further bolster the appeal of the CX-5.

Front Design

Mazda is always striving for perfection through the latest illustration of craftsmanship and superior design, and these design updates are the perfect example of this.

The bold new front grille design with a pattern of three-dimensional elements that appear to float, creating a sense of depth.

A new signature wing extends outward from the grille, creating a look and feel that aligns with Mazda's 7th generation product direction.

The outer lamp fitting and lamp unit design now includes four oblong-shaped Led lamps that stretch out horizontally and create an eye-catching road presence. This new lamp configuration gives the exterior a bold and exciting new look.

Additionally, enhanced adaptive Led headlights or ALH have also been improved, enhancing safety regardless of day or night.


New Grade Option

An exciting new grade option has been added to the CX-5 lineup. Touring Active, which is available in a 2.5-litre petrol six-speed automatic or two two-litre diesel six-speed automatic engine brings a few extra features that those who are already considering the Touring will love.

Featuring 17-inch alloy wheels in Gray metallic and black Aztecs and black synthetic suede trim with green accents along with side mirrors finished in piano black, the Touring Active encompasses a fresh and sporty aesthetic for those seeking adventure.

The Touring Active also receives front parking sensors, the new reversible cargo floorboards and wireless smartphone charging for ultimate safety and convenience.


Interior Design and Cargo

Brand new to Mazda, the cargo space in the boot of the updated CX-5 now offers a two-piece luggage floorboard and a reversible hardwearing surface for added convenience. Particularly convenient for times when both hands are full.  Mazda CX-5 now has hands free power liftgate which can be opened with a simple kicking motion.

New Body Colour

New to Mazda is the addition of an exciting new colour Zircon Sand Metallic. This new colour gives the vehicle a metallic three-dimensional look and harmonises with its natural surroundings.

Suspension and Driving Dynamics

Using Sky Active Vehicle architecture technology, the body, suspension and seat structure have all been enhanced. Customers will benefit from a more natural driving feel and ride comfort.  With these updated driving dynamics and technology, Mazda engineers have revised the Shock absorber dampening control to further enhance vehicle dynamics by being able to handle any road surface customers can throw at it.

Seat Design

New to the Mazda CX-5, 7th generation seats have been included in the range designed with human-centric development philosophy, which helps to reduce the customer's body sway and enhances the natural driving experience. Mazda's unique seat design optimises support for the pelvis, creating a natural posture for the S-shaped spine. This reduces fatigue and assists the driver to feel more afresh no matter how much time is spent behind the wheel.

Road Noise

Mazda engineers have translated the gains made from the 7th generation platform across to the CX-5 chassis to create a more refined and relaxing cabin environment. A decreased level of noise in the cabin will reduce distraction and therefore improve safety and reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Mi Drive

Another first for Mazda, Mi Drive is a new function that offers three modes of driving for the customer to choose from, optimizing the driving experience with one touch of a switch, useful for both city life and outdoor activities.

  • NORMAL mode

The optimum mode for daily driving in pursuit of the best balance between fuel efficiency and driving performance.

  • SPORT mode

A mode that gives a more agile feeling of acceleration on winding roads and highways by switching to characteristics that prioritize responsiveness to driver operations in the engine and AT control.

  • OFF-ROAD mode

This mode is ideal for outdoor driving, including driving on rough roads such as unpaved roads and deep snow roads because it has traction-oriented characteristics and high running performance.


The CX-5 has also received updated safety features for convenience that is appealing. Mazda's enhanced safety features ensure that drivers enjoy their experience regardless of the day, night or traffic jams. Now featuring 20 Led segments, the enhanced adaptive LED headlights provide a wider operating range, better illumination and enhanced visibility at a distance when driving at night. Cruising and Traffic support is a driver support function that helps reduce driver fatigue by assisting with the accelerator, brake pedal and steering operations when stuck in traffic jams on freeways or highways. Traffic sign recognition is now also standard from Max Sport.

Qi Wireless Charging

We've all been there when we've hopped in the car and spent ages fumbling around to get our phone plugged into the charger cable before taking off. Mazda CX-5 owners no longer need to worry about that. Thanks to the addition of wireless charging, mobile phones compatible with Qi-standard can be simply placed on the centre console tray to charge without needing to connect a cable. In addition to wireless charging, the seven-inch display has been updated alongside the Windscreen active Driving display.

As you can see, the key upgrades to the Mazda CX -5 will ensure this nameplate continues to stand out from the crowd while broadening its appeal in the SUV market.

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