2 November 2021 ·

Mazda Safety Technology - Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Explained


For Mazda, safety is always forefront. i-Activsense is a suite of revolutionary technologies that make our cars smart and safe. It utilises detection devices in milliwave radars and cameras to help recognise hazards and avoid collisions.

So, what does the Mazda Traffic Sign Recognition System do?

Mazda's Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) monitors speed limit signs while driving and displays it to the driver by the Active Driving Display. The system uses a camera mounted at the top of the windscreen to detect the speed limit on road signs. This speed limit is then presented to the driver on your cars active driving display.

Traffic Sign Recognition also detects and notifies the driver of stop signs
and no entry signs. 

If the vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit sign indicated in the active driving display while the vehicle is driven, the system notifies the driver using the indication in the active driving display and a warning sound. The excessive speed warning is initially set to inoperable. If you want to activate the excessive speed warning, change the setting in the personalisation features.

Warning! Always check the traffic signs visually while driving.

The TSR helps prevent the driver from overlooking traffic signs and provides support for safer driving. Depending on the weather conditions or problems with traffic signs, a traffic sign may not be recognised or a traffic sign different from the actual traffic sign may be displayed. Always make it your responsibility as a driver to check the actual traffic signs. Otherwise, it could result in an accident.