31 May 2022 · Tips N' Tricks

Mazda's Wireless Charging Pad

Mazda Wireless Charging


With our available wireless charging pad, keeping your Qi-enabled smartphone charged has never been easier. Simply place it on the charging pad then go about your daily routine.

You can charge mobile devices such as Smartphones which comply with the Qi Wireless Charging standard. Only use mobile devices that have a maximum power consumption of 5 W, or 15 W or below. The maximum power consumption differs depending on the mobile device.

  1. Start the engine.
  2. The power for the Wireless Charger (Qi) turns on and the LED indicator turns on. 
    • The power can be turned on/off by pressing the power button on the Wireless Charger (Qi) for about 3 seconds. 
    • When the power is turned off, the LED indicator turns off.
  3. Place a device compliant with the Qi Wireless Charging standard in the centre of the charging area on the tray. 
    • The LED indicator turns on in amber or green when charging starts.
    • For details on the LED indicator, refer to the following LED indicator table.
    • Charging starts when all the doors and liftgate are closed. 
    • The function to reduce noise on the radio operates if the power button is pressed for about 1 second during charging. Use it when noise occurs on the radio due to interference by the Wireless Charger (Qi). Press the power button again for about 1 second to cancel the function.

LED Indicator

The status of the Wireless Charger (Qi) can be checked using the LED indicator.


  1. OFF  
  2. Stand-by (charging is possible)
  3. Normal charging 
  4. Fast charging*1 
  5. Normal charging (charging efficiency is low)
  6. Fast charging*1 (charging efficiency is low)
  7. Stand-by (charging is not possible)
  8. Charging is stopped due to high temperature or foreign matter detected 
  9. Charging is stopped due to an internal problem or malfunction 

Illumination/flash pattern

  • Does not turn on
  • Turns on in white
  • Turns on in amber
  • Turns on in green
  • Flashes in amber
  • Flashes in green
  • Flashes in white
  • Flashes in red
  • Turns on in red

*1 Some mobile devices can switch between normal charging and fast charging.