1 July 2022 · Tips N' Tricks

Mazda MX-30 Flexes It's Freestyle Doors.

Mazda Mx-30 Freestyle Doors


One of the most unique and exciting features of the First-Ever Mazda MX-30 are the freestyle doors. A remarkable feat of engineering, these doors offer easy access to both rows and provide an individual touch that few other vehicles deliver.


Due to a specially designed hinge, the doors can open to an almost perpendicular position: 82° for the front and 80° for the rear doors. A highly rigid body structure and special reinforcement made of hot-stamped material placed vertically in the rear door means that no centre pillar is required. These two factors allow the MX-30 to provide a very wide opening. This offers not only the benefit of easy access but also reveals a whole new view of surrounding scenery and new ways to enjoy your Mazda MX-30 in day to day life.

Mazda Mx-30 Freestyle Doors


One of the main purposes for the design of the Freestyle doors is for ease of access. For example, it provides parents with a convenient space for a pram or stroller while moving their children in and out of the car and maintaining a comfortable body posture. Similarly, loading and unloading large pieces of luggage is made much easier also.

There are many design factors that make entry and exit from the MX-30 extremely easy.

The rear door has a vertical handgrip which makes it easy to generate the force needed to open and close the door from the inside as well as making it easier to grab the door handles when the door is fully open without putting undue pressure on the wrists.

The seat belts for the front seats are also attached to the rear doors in such a way that they are moved out of the way when the doors are opened and therefore make for easy entry and exit.

Finally, there are two buttons on the back of the front seats to move the seat forward and back, and/or the tilt of the backrest allows easier entry and repositioning of the seat afterwards. These buttons are then disabled when the driver’s seat is occupied.

Mazda MX-30 Freestyle Doors