18 April 2022 ·

Mazda Diesel Engines-What to know

Mazda CX-8 Diesel

Mazda diesel engines deliver high performance, fuels efficiency and reliability. They are, however, different maintenance requirements compared with petrol engines. Please read below to see how you can get the most from your diesel engine.


Monitoring your oil level

Diesel engines use oil differently from petrol engines. This means your Mazda diesel oil level must be monitored regularly to ensure it's within the correct operating range. Mazda recommends checking your engine oil every 1,000km or every month. For further information on how to check your Mazda Diesel oil level, please refer to your Owners Manual.

It's common over time for the oil level to increase above the full mark. If it approaches or exceeds the 'X' (the highest mark on the dipstick), the oil needs to be replaced.  Bring your vehicle to the Service Department at Mount Gravatt Mazda to avoid damage to your engine. 


Diesel Particulate Filer care

The Diesel Particulate filter collects most of the particulate matter in the diesel engine exhaust gas. This matter is cleared during normal driving, however under some conditions may not be removed, and the Diesel Particulate Filter indicator light may illuminate. We recommend you periodically drive at 2,000rpm or more, and at a vehicle speed above 40km/h for 10-15minutes to clear particulate matter. 


For optimum filter performance, avoid the following:

  • Drive continuously at 15km/h or less.
  • Driving for short periods (10 minutes or less) repeatedly, or while the engine is cold.
  • Idling engine for extended periods.