29 March 2021 ·

Mazda CX-9. Your new best friend at school pick up!

Many parents dread the thought of school pick-up. The busy queues of stop, drop and go, children everywhere and the school traffic. Well, thanks to Mazda CX-9 some of the pains of loading children into the car will become a thing of the past. Needing to use the third row can really add complexity to getting the children in the car safety at the end of their school day, but with CX-9’s One Touch Walk-In Switch, this is made a breeze. That’s not to mention the other convenience features in the third row, and the fact that Mum or Dad will be travelling in CX-9 luxury!


Mazda CX9 Tech One touch walk in switch

An absolute game changer for families using the third row regularly, this feature enables you to simply fold down the second row of seating with one push of the switch located on the side of the second-row seats. This eliminates the need for Mum or Dad to get out of the car and help when picking the children up from school. The best part, because of the ISOFIX anchor points, this allows the second row to slide forward without needing to disconnect the car seat, adding even further convenience. The 60:40 second row seat split also allows access to the third row even when a child restraint is fitted and in use. Finally, the ability to fit child restraints to the third row on both sides means even more flexibility if you’ve got a full load. 

Watch this product tip for more information on how the One Touch Walk-In Switch works.



Mazda CX-9’s three-rows of luxury seating allows for plenty of space for the whole family. Between the second and third row there's plenty of room to accommodate both adults and children, providing a heap of elbow and leg room in all three rows, hopefully avoiding any fights over space back there. Added storage space is integrated throughout the cabin, as are USB ports, making staying connected at any time, anywhere, easier than ever before. This means, no fights over the only charged iPad either! 


We know accessing the third row is made easier in Mazda CX-9, but what is it like once you’re back there? With USB charging ports and cup holders, the children will be well hydrated and well connected all at the same time. Surprisingly spacious, the luxuriously crafted seats will also keep them comfortable even on long rides up the coast. The third row even features two top tether child restraint points. The best part about these child restraint points is that they are fixed to the seat instead of the roof. Most competitors in this segment that offer third row top tether points fix them to the roof instead, this ultimately interferes with boot space making it a far less practical option. Yet another perk of CX-9 which you can point out to customers.