9 July 2019 · Tips N' Tricks

Keep Your Car Looking Like New

The Art Of Washing Your Car

So, you’ve just picked up your brand new Mazda... 

Congratulations and Welcome to the Mount Gravatt Mazda family!

Next to regular servicing, cleaning your Mazda properly is not only satisfying but an important way to retain the value of your new car.

Mazda vehicles are built with the highest quality paints and interiors, but using the wrong products or incorrect cleaning methods could potentially damage your paint or interior.

So you can truly enjoy that Zoom-Zoom feeling for years to come and by simply following these car cleaning tips from Mount Gravatt Mazda you will help keep your car in pristine condition plus, with your Mazda well-taken care of you’ll be able to secure a great trade-in price when you decide to upgrade to your next new Mazda.

Always refer to your owner’s manual for additional information about how to best care for your new Mazda and if you have any questions at all relating to maintaining your new car, the MGM team are always available to help.


Tips 1

How Often ​

  • Wash your car regularly, we suggest once a week and you'll find your car not only retains its new-car look longer, you will also find it easier to keep clean.


  • Before starting your clean you need to ensure the products you’re using are suitable for your vehicle. Read all labels and follow the directions on any products you intend to use. 
  • Whatever you do, do not use dishwashing liquid - this is an abrasive soap that will suck essential oils right out of your paint job. This can leave your paint vulnerable to oxidisation over time.

Exterior Wash & Dry

  • When it comes to washing your car, wash in a shaded area. You want the exterior surface to be cool. If it’s hot, the soap will dry too quick, leaving stains and essentially forcing you to re-wash the car.
  • We suggest pre-soaking your car to help loosen up any tough dirt or remove any bugs.
  • If you have one, use a high-pressure hose and a large soft sponge to remove any sap, mud and grit. For anything caked on from those long road trips, you may need a bug and tar remover.  
  • You will want to wash one section at a time, starting with the roof of the vehicle and move your way down. Rinsing each section thoroughly with clean water as you go.
  • Once you’re finished washing you’ll want to be sure to dry your vehicle right away. This will help eliminate any water spots that might appear.
  • We don't recommend using car wash facilities but if you need to it’s a good idea to stay away from the foaming brush as this can potentially leave swirl marks on your paintwork. 
  • It’s important to use only a car sponge and proper car chamois. Using paper towel and some other textiles can scratch the surface of your vehicle. 
Tips 2

Interior Clean

  • Upholsteryand carpets require regular vacuuming to keep them free of mud and dirt. 
  • Depending on use, your carpets and upholstery may need a proper shampoo every once in a while. You will need a good upholstery and carpet cleaner to do this properly. 
  • The other interiors of your car such as dashboard, centre console and door covers will need a regularly wiping. Use a micro fibre cloth and good quality car interior cleaner for this job. 
  • The spots that are usually the dirtiest are the steering wheel, seat belt, gear knob, and driver’s side door panel, so be sure to take the time to clean these areas
  • If your car is getting a bit older, your air condition vents can get filled up with dust, so for this job you’ll need to use a vent brushand vacuum.

Windows and Glass

  • When cleaning your Mazda’s windows, don’t use a household product such as Windex. These products contain ammonia and can damage the tint if you’ve chosen to install one. Use a proper auto window cleaner and wipe twice to ensure all the cleaner is fully removed.


  • If you’ve invested in leather seats and trim for your new Mazda you want to keep this premium feature in good condition. Leather is a natural product and using the wrong products could potentially damage your leather seats. 
  • If your leather seats are dirty it’s best to use a soft cloth and wipe them down with specialty leather cleaner. Make sure you leave them to dry once you’re done. 
  • Avoid using any strong cleaning products with alcohol, bleach or other abrasive detergents.

Cleaning Your Wheels and Tyres

  • Keeping those alloywheels shiny and tyres black is great way to keep the new look on your car. 
  • For alloy wheels it’s a good idea to use a specialty alloy product to prevent corrosion. To keep your tyres looking fresh you can apply a tyre black or tyreshine product.


  • Waxing your car regularly is important to maintaining your vehicle’s exterior surface. Think of wax as sunscreen for your car. We recommend waxing once a year. 
  • To wax your Mazda, take a good quality wax and add a little to a wax applicator pad. Using small amounts is better than large amounts as it prevents excess that will need to be removed later. 
  • Apply the wax in a circular motion to each panel of the car. To remove the wax, use a super soft micro fibre cloth. Again, wipe in a circular motion and don’t use too much force.