10 May 2022 ·

Keep the Zoom-Zoom Feeling Alive

Keep the Zoom-Zoom Feeling Alive

Your Mazda loves to look good

Your news Mazda's striking looks are a bold expression of Mazda's signature design, but these looks can be compromised by acid rain, bird droppings and other chemical pollutants if not looked after. While the paintwork on your new vehicle represents the highest grade of body protection, regular check-ups are also important to look after the exterior of your vehicle as best you can. Proper interior care is just as important to help maintain your Mazda's unique style. With these tips, you can help, maintain your vehicle's long term value.



We recommend washing your Mazda at least once a month. Before washing, remove any insects, bird droppings, tree sap or other marks using a soft cloth and clean, lukewarm water. After washing, dry with a chamois or soft towel. Never use strong detergents, abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals.



The best time to polish your Mazda is straight after washing your car when water no longer beads on the paintwork. Use quality polish on all paintwork and chrome trims coating evenly with a soft cloth. Polish every 12 months if your car is kept covered, or every 6 months if it's exposed to the weather. Note: if you're going to use a spot remover, do so before polishing.


Cleaning your alloy wheels

To avoid damaging the protective coating on your alloy wheels, use mild soap or neutral detergent applied with a sponge or soft cloth. Harsh wheel cleaners can damage the wheel's coating.


Looks good on the inside too

Looking after your car's interior is crucial to help maintain that new car feeling, It's also important for resale value. Vacuum the carpet regularly and keep the interior completely dry to maintain its appearance. If your Mazda has leather trim, clean it with a quality leather cleaner.