22 February 2022 ·

Information To Help You Monitor The Pulse Of Your Car

Mazda Information

Get quick access to your fuel efficiency, maintenance information and owner’s manual on-screen. Easily understand your car’s condition with pertinent vehicle data readily available via Mazda Connect.

* Functions available depending on the region differ. For details, please contact your nearest dealer.


Simply check your driving and maintenance information conveniently on-screen.


The fuel efficiency monitor switches between the fuel efficiency history, energy flow monitor (if equipped), and settings. They can be displayed by selecting each item on the centre display.

  1.  Select “Information” on the home screen.
  2.  Select “Fuel Efficiency Monitor”.
  3.  Press the commander switch to display the menu.
  4.  Select the item in the menu.

Each item operates as follows:

  1.  Displays the information regarding the fuel efficiency.
  2.  Displays the system operation status.
  3.  Displays the actual energy efficiency.*
  4.  Displays the settings for the fuel efficiency monitor.

Fuel efficiency history

Displays the information regarding the fuel efficiency.

  1. Displays the fuel efficiency for the past 60 minutes.
    • Displays the fuel efficiency every minute for the past 1 to 10 minutes.
    • Displays the fuel efficiency every 10 minutes for the past 10 to 60 minutes.
  2. Displays the average fuel efficiency over the past 5 resets and after the current reset.
  3. Calculates the average fuel efficiency at regular intervals after vehicle travel starts, and displays it. 

Only vehicles with i-stop function

Displays the i-stop operation status.

  1. Displays the operation status of the i-stop function in the engine area. The engine area is illuminated while the engine idling stop is not operating, and it is not illuminated while the engine idling stop is operating.
  2. Displays the readiness status as to whether operation of the i-stop function is available.
  3. Displays the operation readiness status of the i-stop function using icons (engine, battery, and air conditioner). Icons which indicate that a system's operation readiness has been completed are illuminated. Icons which have not been illuminated indicate that the system's operation readiness has not been completed.
  4. Indicates the operations required by the driver to operate the i-stop function while it is not operating.
  5. Displays the current amount of time that the i-stop function has been operating and the accumulated amount of time that it has been operating.

*Some models.