22 February 2022 ·

How To: Mazda's Seat Ventilation

Seat Ventilation

Mazda ventilated seats help provide a greater sense of wellbeing and comfortability when driving or being driven around. The ventilated front seats wick warm air and moisture away from the driver’s back, using a vacuum-like effect rather than blowing cold air. The result is that the driver and front passenger maintain cooler backs, rather than just blowing cool air into a space where hot air is trapped. This helps maintain a comfortable temperature, even on the hottest days of the year.

Mazda Seat Ventilation Operation

The seat ventilation uses fans installed in the seats to draw air around the seat surface and ventilate them. The ignition must be switched ON.

Press the seat ventilation switch while the ignition is switched ON to operate the seat ventilation. The indicator lights turn on to indicate that the seat ventilation is operating. The mode changes as follows each time the seat ventilation switch is pressed.



Use the seat ventilation when the engine is running. Leaving the seat ventilation on for long periods with the engine, not running could cause the battery power to be depleted.

When the engine is stopped while the seat ventilations are operating and then the ignition is switched ON, the seat ventilations will not turn back on automatically.