15 March 2022 ·

How often do I need to rotate my tyres?

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What does rotating tyres mean? This service switches the position of your four tyres from front to back and/or side to side. 

To equalise tyre wear and help extend the tyre life, it is generally recommended that tyre rotation is conducted according to the maintenance schedule specified for your vehicle in the Owner’s Manual.

When rotating tyres, check for uneven wear or damage. Mount Gravatt Mazda is best able to advise on a tyre rotation plan tailored to suit your particular driving requirements.

Do I have to replace a tyre with one of the same type?

If you need to replace a tyre permanently because of damage, ensure it is replaced with a tyre offering the same load capacity, diameter rim width and offset. Please refer to the Tyre placard on the vehicle’s door aperture, or your Owner’s Manual, for more information.

If you think you’re Mazda is ready for a tyre rotation contact our service department today. Our mission is to keep our customers on the road as safely as possible, and a tyre rotation certainly helps to ensure just that. If you have any questions regarding your next service or how many kms tyres last please don’t hesitate to reach out.