30 November 2021 · Tips N' Tricks

Factors Which Can Influence a Batteries Life Span

Tips to Extend Your Car Battery Life

It's not possible to put a definitive lifespan on the battery in a vehicle without venturing too far into the technical side of how a battery works. Chemical reactions are constantly occurring inside the battery as it absorbs and releases voltage. Therefore, the lifespan of two batteries can vary significantly, even if they're both used under similar conditions and situations.


Here are some known situations which may reduce the life of a vehicles battery:


  1. Additional accessories connected to the vehicles electrical system increase the electrical load and place higher demands on the battery.
  2. Constant short trips: The battery will constantly be at a lower state of charge. Therefore, the alternator will be charging at a higher rate all the time. 
  3. Higher than expected temperatures. It gets very hot in the engine bay of vehicles. Manufacturers will often fit shields, covers or ducting to the battery and they can overheat and fail prematurely if any of these parts are missing.
  4. If subjected to constant severe vibration. In the case of a vehicle doing lots of off-road driving, the internals of the battery can degrade more quickly than normal due to the severe vibrations.
  5. Malfunction with vehicles charging system can also effect the battery. Technicians can verify correct charging system operation when they're replacing a battery.


Here are some know ways to extend the life of your car battery:

  1. Avoid short trips. Maintain your car’s battery power by driving it frequently and for longer periods of time.
  2. Keep your battery tightly fastened to reduce vibration.

  3. Minimise power used while engine is off. Leaving on exterior and internal lights is a big no no!  Before exiting the vehicle, always ensure that all accessories are turned off.

  4. Don’t leave your vehicle unused for long periods


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