17 May 2022 · Tips N' Tricks

Changing Your Mazda's Flat Tyre

Flat tyre

Changing a Flat Tyre

Do you have a horror flat tyre story? 

The thought of changing a flat tyre on the side of the road can be frightening what's more, it's always at the most inconvenient time. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to get your Mazda back on the road safely and in a timely fashion.

You can also refer to your owner's manual for detailed instructions.

If the following occurs while driving, it could indicate a flat tyre.

  • Steering becomes difficult.
  • The vehicle begins to vibrate excessively.
  • The vehicle pulls in one direction.

If you have a flat tyre, drive slowly to a level spot that is well off the road and out of the way of traffic to change the tyre. Stopping in traffic or on the shoulder of a busy road is dangerous.

WARNING: Be sure to follow the directions for changing a tyre:

Changing a tyre is dangerous if not done properly. The vehicle can slip off the jack and seriously injure someone. No person should place any portion of their body under a vehicle that is supported by a jack. Never allow anyone inside a vehicle supported by a jack: Allowing someone to remain in a vehicle supported by a jack is dangerous. The occupant could cause the vehicle to fall resulting in serious injury.


NOTE: Make sure the jack is well lubricated before using it.

  1. Park on a hard, level surface off the right-of-way and firmly set the parking brake. 
  2. Put a vehicle with an automatic transaxle in Park (P), a manual transaxle in Reverse (R) or 1, and turn off the engine.
  3. Turn on the hazard warning flasher.
  4. Have passengers get out of the vehicle and away from the vehicle and traffic.
  5. Remove any luggage, the jack, tools, and spare tyre.
  6. Block the wheel diagonally opposite the flat tyre. When blocking a wheel, place a tyre block both in front and behind the tyre.

NOTE: When blocking a tyre, use rocks or wood blocks of sufficient size if possible to hold the tyre in place.

Change a tyre

Removing a Flat Tyre

WARNING When jacking-up a vehicle, always shift the shift lever to 1st or R position (manual transaxle vehicle) or shift the selector lever to P position (automatic transaxle vehicle), apply the parking brake, and place wheel blocks in the position diagonally opposed to the jack:

Changing a flat tyre without using wheel blocks is dangerous because the vehicle may move and fall off the jack even with the shift lever in 1st or R position, or the selector lever is in P position, which could result in an accident.

  1. If your vehicle is equipped with steel wheels, pry off the centre cap with the bevelled end of the jack lever. CAUTION Use the jack lever when removing the centre cap. Using your hands to remove it may cause an injury. In addition, using a tool other than the jack lever may cause damage to the wheel or the centre cap. 
  2. Loosen the wheel nuts by turning them anticlockwise one turn each, but do not remove any wheel nuts until the tyre has been raised off the ground.
  3. Place the jack on the ground.
  4. Turn the jack screw in the direction shown in the figure and adjust the jack head so that it is close to the jack-up position.
  5. Place the jack under the jack-up position closest to the tyre being changed with the jack head squarely under the jack-up point. 
  6. Continue raising the jack head gradually by rotating the screw with your hand until the jack head is inserted into the jack-up position.
  7. Insert the jack lever and attach the wheel brace to tyre jack.

  8. Turn the jack handle clockwise and raise the vehicle high enough so that the spare tyre can be installed. Before removing the wheel nuts, make sure your Mazda is firmly in position and that it cannot slip or move.

  9. Remove the wheel nuts by turning them anticlockwise; then remove the wheel and centre cap.

WARNING Use only the front and rear jacking positions recommended: Attempting to jack the vehicle in positions other than those recommended is dangerous. The vehicle could slip off the jack and seriously injure or even kill someone. Use only the front and rear jacking positions recommended.

Do not jack up the vehicle higher than is necessary: Jacking up the vehicle higher than is necessary is dangerous as it could destabilize the vehicle resulting in an accident.



Mounting the Spare Tyre

  1. Remove dirt and grime from the mounting surfaces of the wheel and hub, including the hub bolts, with a cloth.
  2. Mount the spare tyre.
  3. Install the wheel nuts with the bevelled edge inward; tighten them by hand.
  4. Turn the wheel brace anticlockwise and lower the vehicle.
  5. Use the wheel brace to tighten the nuts in the order shown.
  6. Remove the tyre blocks and store the tools and jack.
  7. Store the damaged tyre in the luggage compartment.
  8. Check the inflation pressure.
  9. Have the flat tyre repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


Warning: Do not apply oil or grease to wheel nuts and bolts and do not tighten the wheel nuts beyond the recommended tightening torque: Applying oil or grease to wheel nuts and bolts is dangerous. The wheel nuts could loosen while driving and cause the tyre to come off, resulting in an accident. In addition, wheel nuts and bolts could be damaged if tightened more than necessary.

Schedule A Service Appointment at Mount Gravatt Mazda

If you do have to change a flat tyre, be sure to schedule a service appointment at Mount Gravatt Mazda. While a spare tyre is good for the interim, it is good to get new tyres to be safe.