21 September 2021 ·

Activating Speed Camera and Alert Point Notifications

Mazda Connect

Using Mazda Connect and navigation is simple and convenient when you configure your system however it works best for you. As your preferences change, simply change settings to reflect your current needs. Customization is designed to be intuitive, so making adjustments is easy and convenient.



  1. Select NAVIGATION from the Home screen.
  2. Select SETTINGS.

Activate specific warnings and alerts; adjust volume; mute sound; set up warnings related to speed limit and monitoring current speed; set notifications of road safety cameras and other proximity alert points.


Mazda Connect has the ability to notify the driver of safety bots and fix speed camera locations that need to be activated via a menu within the navigation system.

To enable and configure these warning notifications, simply access navigation on your Mazda Connect. 

Once the navigation menu comes up, scroll down and select navigation settings, and this will allow you to access the warning settings. The first of these options allows you to set what type of notification you'd like when driving past an alert point, such as a school zone. You can choose between visual, visual and audible or none. If you go back and select speed cameras, you can see that the same notification options are available. The last item relates to speed cameras and allows you to choose whether you'd only like these alerts when travelling above the speed limit or all of the time. 

The information regarding the location of cameras comes from map data, and it is possible that cameras may have been installed at new locations. If this is the case, no warning will be provided until the camera location is added to future map updates and the SD card in the vehicle is updated accordingly.

To ensure you’re always getting the most recent and accurate cues from your satellite navigation system, you’ll need to download the latest Australian maps from Mazda.