13 April 2021 ·

2021 Mazda CX-5 - What's New?

Mazda CX-5’s latest update will only add to its design appeal with the addition of new grade GT SP. This new grade boasts a sleek black accent design that will set it apart from the rest of the CX-5 line-up. The Maxx grade has also enhanced its look with new 17-inch alloy wheels.

In addition, infotainment lovers will be thrilled with the upgrade to a widescreen 10.25 inch Mazda Connect display for the GT grade and above. Further enhancing the overall in-cabin experience for these grades.


CX-5 17Inch Alloy Wheel


The exterior appearance of the Maxx grade takes a big step forward with the inclusion of 17-inch alloy wheels replacing the previous steel wheels. A more sleek and stylish design, this entry-level vehicle now has a striking road presence to match the rest of the CX-5 line-up.

The entry-level Maxx often features in our retail offer advertising campaigns to generate interest and inquiry, especially among our price-conscious buyers. The improved visual appeal increases buyer aspiration, in turn helping to increase website and showroom traffic.



Mazda CX-5 GT SP is a new addition to the line-up which takes on a sleek black accent design. The refined exterior design is complemented with a new interior trim exclusively for this new grade – Black Maztex / Black Grand Luxe Synthetic Suede with red contrast stitching. This subtle red accent works perfectly to add a sportier feel. The decoration panels on the dash and doors are also unique to this model featuring a black honeycomb style design. This compliments the black exterior accents nicely. This unique design exudes strength and sportiness adding to its road presence, the exterior updates are outlined in more detail below.

  • New exterior mirror colour - Black outer mirror caps add to the sleek and bold appearance that this new variant exudes.
  • New wheel colour - The 19-inch alloy wheel (which shares its design with the Akera grade) is painted in a black metallic finish to add a sporty and striking presence.



From the luxuriously crafted seats to the new 10.25 inch Mazda Connect system, the interior features and infotainment found in Mazda CX-5 are on a new level.



Mazda CX-5 GT grade and above now have an enlarged and widened centre display. Not only is it now 10.25 inches but it also inherits the new Mazda Connect system. This provides an evolved level of quality and operability. The commander dial remains the same design, but its operation is changed to be more in line with the Mazda3 and CX-30.

In addition, start-up time of the centre display is now shortened to approx. 15 sec. and the quality of picture in the screen, as well as audio sound, is now improved thanks to the digitalised transmission of these signals.