31 December 2021 · My Mazda

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Courtney's Mazda CX-8

Let Us Introduce You - Our Customer's Stories

Good experiences make the world go round. 'My Mazda' gives you the opportunity to meet members of the MGM family. You might find useful ownership information, unbiased buying advice and a better insight into going beyond the drive with a Mazda vehicle showcase.


Q: What were you driving before you bought your new Zoom-Zoom?

A: Dodge Journey.


Q: What made you decide to buy a new car?

A: My last car was involved in an accident.


Q: Where did you start your search?

A: I headed straight to MGM.


Q: What made you come to Mount Gravatt Mazda?

A: My close relationship with the management team.


Q: What has been your longest road trip?

A: Darwin to the Gold Coast!!

Q: What made Mazda stand out from other options?

A: Its safety features and price point.


Q: What model and colour did your purchase?

A: Mazda CX-8 in Snowflake White Pearl Mica


Q: What features sold you on buying this model?

A: I loved the 7 seats but also how compact it is.


Q: What were the 3 most important things to you when buying your car? 

A: Safety, price and reputation.


Q: If you could design a bumper sticker what would it say?

A: On Call…Nurse…On Call!

Q: Do you have a name for your new set of wheels?

A: Maggie


Q: Are you designated driver or shotgun passenger?

A: Driver!


Q: What do you love most about your new Mazda?

A: Safety features

Q: Do you have any adventures or road trips planned? If so, where?

A: We just got home from a road trip to the Sunshine Coast…next planned trip... Coolangatta!! #TravelLocal


Q: If you could have any one person as a chauffeur, who would you hire for the job and why?

A: Freddie Mercury - so many questions and just to hear that voice!

Q: Who was your salesperson? Comments?

A: Aishah Watson - She was very informative and knew her Mazda stats!


Q: What made Mount Gravatt Mazda a good fit for you?

A: Friendly service, very helpful and provided a door-to-door service!!

Q: If you could design a new vehicle feature what would it be?

A: parent-kid screen between front and back seats!!


Q: What’s your favourite local getaway?

A: Rainbow Bay

Mazda CX-8: Drive the future

Mazda CX-8, available in both petrol and diesel, brings a level of sleek design and exciting performance that you wouldn’t expect in a three-row SUV. Featuring all the luxury and technology Mazda SUVs have become known for, and the latest in advanced safety technology. Mazda CX-8 is perfect for growing families.

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