13 July 2020 · MGM News

Town, Country and Beyond

Town, Country and Beyond

Mazda’s latest crossover SUV, the first-ever 2020 Mazda CX-30, embodies a compact profile that’s an advantage when navigating the urban jungle, especially with a tight turn radius for the more congested parts of a city. But it is also the perfect size for weekend getaways, giving owners ample space to throw their gear in the back, jump in, and head off to wherever they like without a second thought. Its class-leading horsepower makes it a joy to drive, and its available all-wheel drive system will make any driver feel more confident knowing that not many roads are out of reach.

Here are a few important ways CX-30 inspires confident driving on varied terrains and in diverse environments:


Mazda’s advanced i-ACTIV AWD system uses sophisticated real-time vehicle dynamics modeling to help predict the available grip at each tire and sends torque to the wheels that can use it best. The system comes into play before the front wheels lose grip, engaging the rear wheels in a fraction of a second to deliver traction where and when it counts.

The tradeoff with all-wheel drive has always been fuel economy. Most AWD systems are always engaged to some extent, and the extra weight and drag on the driveline reduces fuel economy. With CX-30, Mazda has upgraded both the clutch system in the transmission and the rotating parts of the rear axle to reduce friction and weight.

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The all-new CX-30 benefits from G-Vectoring Control Plus, a subtle yet effective feat for Mazda’s research and development team on a quest to enhance handling and steering response. That research led Mazda engineers to realize that if the car very slightly reduces engine power output when the steering wheel is turned, more of the vehicle’s weight is shifted forward onto the front tires for a moment. Engineers also uncovered that by applying slight brake drag to the outside wheels as the CX-30 completes a turn, the vehicle restores straight-line steering and provides a more finely tuned and stable driving experience.

CX-30’s i-Activ AWD system works in harmony with its GVC+ system to improve dynamic performance and give drivers a more natural, consistent and intuitive connection between car and driver.

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With the new CX-30 crossover SUV, Mazda owners now have a capable off-road traction assist mode included with the i-Activ AWD system. When off-road traction assist is engaged, CX-30 monitors each tire’s traction closely, watching to see if a tire loses contact with the ground. If that happens, CX-30 will not only direct power to the tires with traction, it will also apply the brake on a wheel with lost traction to help transfer power where it’s needed.

Source: Insida Mazda | Mazda USA | Cars For Drivers