3 May 2019 · MGM News

Support Staff | Where would we be without you?

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and we are celebrating each and every fabulous member of our support staff.

Everyone at Mount Gravatt Mazda plays an integral role in our successes and today we acknowledge and highlight everything that our administrative professionals do to keep MGM running behind the scenes. 

Many of our staff wouldn't be where they are in their careers without our trusted support and admin staff, so on behalf of our customers, suppliers and colleagues: 
T H A N K Y O U ... today is for you!

A day to celebrate everything that you do for us all year round.

Meet Our Support Staff

Meet Our Support Staff

Ann | Receptionist

I am the loud and proud Receptionist at MGM!  I may also be known as the Director of First Impressions and Maitre D… I have been with Mount Gravatt Mazda for 1 and a half years and this is the first time I have worked in a Dealership.  

“We’ll make it happen” is our motto and I’m so glad to be involved with that can-do attitude.  I love being a part of a fun, focused and friendly team.  I take pride in giving the best customer service to all who come through our dealership doors and by telephone.  

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet and greet you all in the near future and welcome you to the MGM family!

Meet Our Support Staff

Jared | Delivery Concierge

I love being a member of the Mount Gravatt Mazda family! Getting to work with such an amazing team of people is always a positive thing, especially when you spend most your life with them.

My role at MGM is diverse and means I work with all departments providing various levels of support. A major facet of my role is to work closely with our admin team, which is both challenging and rewarding. MGM is breaking through the male/female stereotype and I truly believe that many of our guests are pleasantly suprised when they enter our dealeship are a greated by either myself or Ann. 

Being treated with an enormous amount of respect from my colleagues and the owners of Mount Gravatt Mazda is the reason why I don’t hesitate getting out of bed and coming to join my work family for the day.

In case you haven't noticed.. I love my job, love the people I work with & I love MGM.

Meet Our Support Staff

Ryan | Stock Controller

I’ve been in the Automotive Industry for 10 years as a Stock Controller and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the Mazda brand for the whole 10 years. I spent 4 years at a dealership in Toowoomba and this is my 7th year at the best dealership in Brisbane – Mount Gravatt Mazda. 

The best part about my job is the strategic side. Finding the right stock and the right amount of stock. I also get to work with a lot of the other Stock Controllers around the country which can be fun.

The best part about my job currently is the family Mount Gravatt Mazda has created. I get to come to work at 8am and see my work fam Monday – Friday and if they’re lucky I’ll bring them all in lunch on Saturdays. The vibe is that good I can’t stay away!

Meet Our Support Staff

Suzie | Accounts

I started my first job in banking and continued for 15 years, so I guess I could say “numbers are my thing.”

I’ve been in the Automotive Industry going on 12 years & I’ve been here at Mount Gravatt Mazda for close to 17 months now.

I was at 2 different dealerships prior to joining the MGM Team and I must say, I’m so lucky to work here amongst the most enthusiastic, positive & fun-loving group of people. We’re a team and we’re also a family, giving or receiving help and support when needed.

As a semi-perfectionist* I am obsessed with my role and I challenge myself every day to see, if and where I can improve something. All the while, keeping my work area tidy, welcoming & comfortable. I mean, we’re a long time at work so we need it to feel like home. 

Anyway, enough about me, but I’ll leave you with this thought....MGM is all about teamwork and family and by “family” I mean all of us, from our helpful staff to our valued customers.

Please, call in & see for yourself