4 December 2020 · MGM News

Preparing for the ultimate summer road trip

Mazda roadtrip
Road trip tips and tricks

Road trips take many forms, from a CX-9 full of family and friends driving across the country to just you and your MX-5 making a top-down blast to a faraway beach or curvy mountain road. The right vehicle, like your Mazda, will make any trip that much better. Here are some tips and tricks that will make any road trip a success.



Everyone has different approaches about how to plan a summer adventure, but without wishing to inhibit spontaneity, we suggest some research. There’s nothing at all wrong with just following any road you choose on a moment’s notice, but the benefit of planning will help make sure you don’t miss something wonderful. Some people are “map and guidebook” types, who plan every minute and turn of their trip down to the last detail, but even if your arm yourself with every map and guidebook ever printed, we can’t understate the value of a good navigation tool, including your Mazda Connect system.

Mazda Maintenance


Nothing ruins a road trip more quickly than unanticipated breakdowns, most of which can be avoided with some planning and advance care. Pre-trip inspections and vehicle preparation will reduce stress and help avoid wasting time and money while on the road. Mount Gravatt Mazda is ready to assist you with a pre-travel service plan to get you on the road with confidence, no matter if it’s an engine oil and filter change, full fluids check and service, tire rotation or inflation check. Even though your vehicle will certainly earn its share of dirt, water spots and bug splatter as the miles roll by, we suggest a thorough washing and detailing before you hit the road. It’ll look that much better in all those road photos and selfies.



ROOF RACKS- Strong, light, and aerodynamic, the Mazda Genuine Roof Rack is the ideal way to safely and securely carry loads up to 75kg.

SAFETY PACK-  Stay out of harms way with this all-purpose kit designed to get you through any emergency. Pack includes Lights, Reflective Vest and Triangular Road Sign.

COLLAPSIBLE SUNSCREEN-  Keep your Mazda CX-9 cool and protect its interior from the sun’s harmful rays with this handy UV resistant shade.

REAR WINDOW SHADES- A safe and stylish solution to keep your vehicle cool and protect its interior from the harmful effects of UV light. 

CARGO ORGANISER BOX- Prevent cargo items from sliding around with this handy storage solution that features internal dividers, detachable lids and a securable base.

​Accessories can vary by year and model, so check out our Genuine Mazda Accessories made for your Mazda.

A well-equipped, thoughtfully-accessorised, and road-ready Mazda will take you nearly anywhere you want to go. A little preparation and advanced planning will ensure you do it all safely and enjoy the drive.

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