1 April 2024 · MGM News

Pitch In For Parkinson's


April is Parkinson's Awareness month as part of our MGM Wellness program we are continually looking for ways to raise awareness and to raise funds for causes and charities that provide support or make an impact within our community. 

This month, we have chosen to support one of our very own Community Heroes - Olivia Chapman. Many of you will know her bright and bubbly personality from visits to our sales showroom. 

Olivia has registered herself for the 21KM Gold Coast Half Marathon on July 6, and she invites you to join her on this long but necessary journey

We caught up with Olivia, who hasn't always had a love for running to find out what competing in this event means to her:

'As I lace up my running shoes and prepare to tackle the challenge of a half marathon, every step I take is a tribute to my dad, who faces the daily battle of Parkinson’s disease with unwavering courage. The running journey I have undertaken isn’t just about crossing the finish line; it’s about pushing through the pain and exhaustion, mirroring the resilience my dad demonstrates in his fight against Parkinson’s. With every kilometre, I raise awareness and funds to support research towards a cure, driven by my unconditional love for my dad and a determination to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this relentless condition. I’m simply running and moving my body for those who can no longer have control over their own.'

2024 Gold Coast Marathon - ASICS Half Marathon

Andrew's Story

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 53. 

Parkinson’s manifests uniquely in each individual, extending far beyond the stereotypical image of tremors. In my case it impacts my gait, balance and fatigue levels, it has also particularly affected my speech, creating communication barriers that contribute to feelings of isolation.

Cognitive decline has also been a significant part of my journey with Parkinson’s. Despite being blessed with a very supportive workplace, the combination of communication difficulties and cognitive decline, ultimately made it untenable for me to continue in my role, and forced the premature loss of my career, at the age of 56.

Raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease holds profound personal significance for me. It is not only about contributing to hopefully finding a cure but also about fostering understanding and support, for everyone who lives with the condition.

I am immensely proud of my daughter, Olivia, for many reasons. Her decision to run a half marathon and raise funds to support Parkinson’s research fills me with admiration and gratitude.


In conjunction with Parkinson's Awareness month, Mount Gravatt Mazda is turning orange for the month of April. Stay tuned to our social channels to see how we are raising funds and much-needed awareness for the 150,000+ people living with Parkinson’s in Australia and the 50 Australians who are diagnosed every day.

As part of our Community #allin program and our wonderful CTP partnership with Suncorp, we will donate $25 from each new car sold over the month to support Olivia and her fundraising efforts for Shake It Up Australia. 

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Shake It Up Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2011 and in partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) promotes and funds Parkinson’s disease research in Australia aimed at better treatments and ultimately a cure.

The founding directors cover all the overhead and administration costs of the Foundation so 100% of your donation makes a real impact.

Hear from Shake It Up Australia's Founder Clyde Campbell
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