8 May 2020 · MGM News

Parallel Parking In 4 Easy Steps

Parallel parking in 4 simple steps

Parallel Park Like A Pro!

The thought and pressure of having to parallel park can send chills through some of our spines. Driving around trying to find the perfect park can be difficult at the best of times. Especially when you need to parallel park and you have an audience you may find yourself just avoiding the park but don’t stress, we have put together 5 steps to reverse parallel park like a pro!

  1.  Pull up right next to the car in front of the space. The tighter the space, the closer you’ll need to be beside the parked car. Your rear wheels should sit alongside with that vehicle’s back wheels.
  2. While stopped with your indicator on, swing your car’s steering wheel full lock towards the direction you’re wanting to move into. Do not move or creep while doing this!
  3. Shift your car into reverse and back into the space slowly. When your front seat is in line with the front vehicle’s rear bumper OR your rear left corner is in line with the left front corner of the vehicle behind you, then you may turn the steering wheel fully to the other side and reverse slowly.
  4. Straighten your steering wheel once you have entered the space. Make sure you do not hit the bumper of the car behind you, and leave sufficient space for the car in front of you to exit its own space.
  5. Try to keep the car within parking lot lines and align your right front bumper to the right rear bumper of the front vehicle.