6 March 2020 ·

MGM Wellness Program | Water Week Challenge

Water week challenge image

Get ready! Get Set! Get Wellness!

What better way to kick start our Wellness Program than with ‘The Water Week Challenge’? MGM threw down the challenge to staff to be H2o heroes and drink only water for one week. We’re took the fizz out of our drinks, gave our coffees a wake-up call and raised our drink bottles to the sky's liquid gold.

Inspired by Tiffiny Hall Founder of online health & fitness TIFFXO.COM, it was time to drink up at MGM! We recognised that many of us don’t drink as much water as we should on a daily basis. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to ensure our body is happy and healthy. That’s why we challenged our team drink only H2o for 7 days.


The ‘MGM Water Week Challenge’ aimed to encourage our team to increase their fluid intake gradually over a period of 7 days, to increase the amount of water that they drink at work, reduce the consumption of high calorie drinks and during this time to consider the health benefits that this brings.


- No alcohol, soft drinks, diet soft drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, sports drinks, cordials, ready to drink iced tea and energy drinks.

- Coffee was still on the agenda! As a long it's was a long black or espresso.

- Black tea was fine too.

- Herbal tea was allowed.

- Mineral water was more than allowed.

MGM HOT TIP:  Our Water Warriors were allowed to add zest to their water: cucumber, lemon, lime, mint or berries for flavour.



After 7 days of sipping H20, we were slaves to our water bottles however It is safe to say nothing bad came from drinking more water (except for the bathroom breaks). Team members reported increased energy, less bloating, most felt invigorated and everyone felt more healthy. All in all, our 'Water Warriors' made one simple but impactful change for their health. Equally important was the sense of teamwork and enjoyment MGM staff derived from participating in our first wellness challenge.

One drink for seven days….We binned the booze and told juice to jog on. Our 'Water Warriors' now turned 'Hydraytion Heroes' are sticking by the motto 'hydrate to feel great’!

Cheers to a good thirst for life!  Water you waiting for?