28 February 2020 · MGM News

MGM Wellness Program - Highway to Health & Wellness

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Mount Gravatt Mazda Wellness Program

At Mount Gravatt Mazda we value people. Our own people matter just as much as our customers.  A strong company cannot exist without healthy employees. That is why Mount Gravatt Mazda is proud to announce the kick-off of our Wellness Program which is designed to help provide a healthful work environment and support the adoption of healthy habits for employees who want to improve their own health and wellbeing.  

The Mount Gravatt Mazda Wellness program aims to create an organisational culture of health through a collection of initiatives and activities that will promote the four dimensions of employee well-being – physical, financial, emotional and social.

We want to provide our team with health tools that can help them become the healthiest person they can and want to be and to make simple lifestyle changes to maintain or improve individual health! 

"We want to use the workplace environment to foster a sense of community”, said Mount Gravatt Mazda's Dealer Principal, Julian Mason. "Wellness practices help bring the team together through challenges, activities and healthy habits. Employees feel engaged when work feels more like a community and less like a factory. Making changes can be challenging. By keeping it simple and creating an environment of support, workforce wellness can be achieved one step at a time".

At MGM we believe that our most valuable resource is our work force. This program is designed to enhance the health of our people. We spend approximately one third of our adult life at work, so it makes sense to spend it well.

MGM is excited to be championing the unlimited potential of good health.