2 June 2020 · MGM News

Mazda Starts Providing Mazda-made Medical Face Shield Frames

Mazda Mask

Hiroshima Industry-Government Collaboration to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Mazda Motor Corporation will supply medical face shields to healthcare professionals working on medical sites, in cooperation with Hiroshima prefectural government, JMS Co., Ltd.1 in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima prefecture and Ishii Hyoki Co., Ltd.2 in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima prefecture.

Production of the face shield frames began at Mazda on May 25 of this year and delivery will be carried out in series starting from today. The frame will be combined with shield film manufactured by Ishii Hyoki Co., Ltd. into a full medical face shield, of which the first batch of approximately 3,000 units will be delivered to local medical facilities through the Hiroshima prefectural government.

As part of our ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the face shields will also be used at both Mazda and Mazda affiliate facilities, especially those where securing appropriate social distance is challenging.

This protective gear has been developed so that people who are engaged in occupations such as medical professionals and production line workers, can wear this equipment for prolonged periods of time with as little discomfort to their faces as possible. Using polypropylene, a material we use to make bumpers for vehicles, this shield offers durability as well as a good fitting capability. By opting for a design that allows for a rubber strap to be attached to the face shield, it is possible to adjust the fit to the user's personal preference. In addition, Ishii Hyoki's shield film is highly transparent ensuring clear vision, thus allowing work that requires precision and/or finesse to be conducted without stress.

Today, Mazda's Executive Advisor, Raita Nishiyama, visited the Hiroshima prefectural office to present the finished medical face shields. "Mazda was preparing to manufacture and provide the medical face shields as part of an industry-government collaboration effort," said Raita Nishiyama. "These face shields are intended for the trouble-free usage of all healthcare professionals working tirelessly on the medical frontline to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus."

"As a company rooted in Hiroshima, Mazda is determined to continue contributing towards the prevention of further spread of the infection in local communities."​