15 April 2019 · MGM News

Good Things Happen When You Give Locally

2018 brought lots of joy at Mount Gravatt Mazda and contributing to those celebrations was the wonderful news that we would continue to set aside money to donate to charity.

The whole MGM team is involved in choosing charities, talking about their merits, and helping us decide as a team, where to send our donations. Organisations who support charities are not rare and we’re proud to be continuing our contribution in a small way.

We’re thrilled to have a minimum contribution total of $50,000 to gift to charities each calendar year, and the best part is our customers get to participate when they purchase a new car.

At MGM, we believe strongly in giving back to the community, in supporting charities, and in helping contribute to a better world. It just feels like the right thing to do.

Below you can read about the charities we’re supporting and how you and your family can help.

Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

Alzheimer's Queensland

Alzheimer's Queensland has been working to challenge stereotypes and develop innovative programs that promote wellbeing and support independence in older age.

Our mission is to work collectively with our clients to maintain their dignity, remain socially and physically active, and deter premature placement in residential facilities. We believe that each individual has a unique set of experiences and abilities that should be celebrated and optimised at every stage of life

Giving Back To Our Community

Buy A Bale

Buy a Bale - Helping Aussie Farmers

Helping support Australia's rural communities and Aussie farmers. 

Providing tangible resources to drought, flood or fire affected communities. Stock feed, Water, Financial assistance, & Volunteers. 

Offering a 24/7 helpline and on the ground counselling services


Giving Back To Our Community

Foodbank Queensland

Food insecurity is more common in Queensland than you may think. Food insecurity is the inability to put food on the table when it is needed.  

Foodbank Queensland provides 62,465 meals a day to over 281 charities, but sadly, this is not enough.

12,430 Queenslanders seeking food relief get turned away every month, because demand outstrips supply. Every dollar donated to Foodbank Queensland, enables us to provide two meals to people in need.

Giving Back To Our Community

Tag 5

TAG 5 Services are designed to care and nurture all families who have members with a disability.  People with disabilities encounter many barriers which restrict their essence of life. 

The primary aim of TAG 5 is to identify people with disabilities and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary for promoting their own independence, equal opportunity, quality of life and longevity.  We uphold the dignity and uniqueness of all human beings and believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to accomplish their dreams. 

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