24 February 2020 · MGM News

Community At Our Core | FareShare

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Community involvement is part of the DNA at MGM and we strive to support local initiatives that deliver lasting benefits within our local neighbourhood. When we met the wonderful team at FareShare, we knew we had to be involved.

Did you know?

FareShare combats hunger by cooking surplus food into free, nutritious meals for Queenslanders in need. For every 75c donation, you can provide a nourishing cooked meal for the most vulnerable members of society, from people experiencing homelessness to communities affected by bushfire and drought. 

Who are FareShare?

"FareShare is a volunteer-powered charity with a simple mission.  We harness the power of 400+ volunteers to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and cook it into free, nutritious meals for people in need. Our vision is for a society where food is not wasted, and no one goes hungry. Since opening the doors to Australia’s largest charity kitchen in October 2018, we’ve cooked over 1.25 million meals for Queenslanders in need.

Our meals go across the state to feed people from all walks of life, from those experiencing homelessness, to victims of domestic violence, single parent families, people on disability, the elderly & ill, pensioners, refugees, as well as the many rural and regional communities affected by bushfire and drought."

Why so many meals?

"Hunger is on the rise. In the past year, one in five Australians experienced food insecurity. That’s more than 5 million people, and saddest of all, 22% of them were children. Meanwhile food relief agencies are having to turn thousands away due to the increase in demand for their services.

We at FareShare think these numbers are shocking, sad, and frankly unacceptable in our “lucky” country – especially when you consider that Australia has a $20 billion food waste problem."

What’s next?

"At Fareshare we know we can’t solve poverty, but while there’s surplus food going to waste, we CAN pull together to cook even more meals for Queenslanders in need. With more and more Australians seeking emergency food relief, FareShare aims to double production and cook more than 2 million meals in 2020. We’re working hard to get these meals into every corner of our state." Mary - Queensland Development Manager at Fareshare

How can you help?

1.       When you purchase a new car from Mount Gravatt Mazda, you can nominate your CTP donation to go to Fareshare - ask your Sales Consultant for more details when you order your new Mazda

2.       Volunteer in the FareShare kitchen as an individual or as part of the Corporate Volunteering Program

3.       Donate to help keep our kitchens running. Every 75c equals a nutritious cooked meal for a Queenslander in need.