2 August 2019 · MGM News

Community At Our Core | Blue HOPE Stands Ready

Blue Hope Cover

Community involvement is part of the DNA at Mount Gravatt Mazda and all of our staff are about the neighbourhoods we work and live in. We strive to support local initiatives that deliver lasting benefits and when we met with Andrew from Blue HOPE to discuss sponsorship, we knew it was a cause Mount Gravatt Mazda needed to activley support.

Who are Blue HOPE?
Commencing in 2014, Blue HOPE Support Services Ltd was conceived owing to an identified gap in support strategies on offer to current and former Police Officers and their families.

Often reluctant to ask for help owing to a perceived negative stigma in the workplace, Police Officers are repeatedly exposed to traumatic incidents day after day, in fact, a Police Officer can see more trauma in one eight hour shift than most people do in a lifetime.

There are any number of employer initiated strategies on offer, but should a Police Officer refuse to access these services for fear of a negative repercussion affecting their career progression or a fear of social isolation, Blue HOPE is able to offer a tailored individual support package, anonymously and completed external from ones employer.

Run by Cops for Cops, the Directors at Blue HOPE have walked the walk, talked the talk and come out the other side.  They are current serving and former Police Officers and have had their fair share of tough times.  

"We happily provide assistance ranging from peer to peer support, professional counselling and psychologist consultations, right up to crisis intervention.

Our partnership with Mt Gravatt Mazda has enabled us to provide an extremely visible presence on the road in addition to increasing our capabilities.   

Our amazing BT-50 effortlessly tows our newly acquired food trailer which will be serving food and beverages to Cops on shift at any hour of the day, all over the state.  Make no mistake, Mt Gravatt Mazda’s incredibly generous offer of this visible presence, this conversation starter, will absolutely contribute to saving lives." ANDREW AYRES - Director Project Services.

With their new Mazda BT-50 and first of its kind 'Chuck Wagon' on the road, Blue HOPE now Stand Ready to provide support to their brothers and sisters in blue out in the field. 

We look forward to seeing the Blue HOPE rig on the streets of the great South East.