18 February 2022 · Mazda Stories

The story behind the birth of the body color "Platinum Quartz Metallic" -Introduced from CX-8-

Platinum Quartz Metallic

Mazda is working on development with an emphasis on the integrated expression of colour and modelling, with the idea that "colour is also a part of modelling".

This time, we would like to introduce the secret story behind the birth of the popular body colour "Platinum Quartz Metallic," which was introduced from the CX-8 *, which went on sale in February 2021.
* Only some grades

Body colour has different hobbies and tastes depending on the country, and has a role to meet various needs such as how to use the car and customers.

Mazda's colour designers and engineers talk about the thoughts behind the colours of "Platinum Quartz Metallic," the development process, and the characteristics of the colours.

With the idea that colour is also a part of modelling, we will investigate what colour Mazda is aiming for.

"I am in charge of body colour development as a colour designer. Since Mazda's Soul Movement Design, I have been developing colours consistent with the idea that" colour is also a part of modelling "."

Design Headquarters Production Design Studio Shunsuke Teraoka

“Platinum Quartz Metallic colour development started when we introduced Polymetal Gray Metallic in 2019, with young designers thinking about what colour we needed next.

We develop body colours from various perspectives, but when we looked at the body colour lineup at that time, we wanted a colour that would convey a more gorgeous and luxurious feel.

What is the colour of the gorgeous atmosphere that we are aiming for?

First of all, I did an idea inspiration. This is a process that is carried out when considering any colour, and specifically, it is an approach of picking up various photographs and samples and selecting them. "

Platinum Quartz Metallic 3
* Because it is a vehicle at the time of color examination, it is different from mass-produced vehicles and grades that can be selected in color.

"This time, there were various samples, such as burnt titanium, water, and cream for cosmetics. What do you think is" gorgeous "at first glance? From the point of view, as a result of sieving, most of the remaining precious metals and minerals remained.

Among them, the colour that I found most obvious was "platinum".
It had a bright metallic lustre, a hint of gold, and was beautiful, and I was most surprised among the team members. It had a strong presence in the lineup at that time, and we proceeded with it as a favourite. "


Platinum isn't enough, it's a hint of ideas


"Actually, I've been studying colours like platinum quartz metallic in the past.
However, at that time, I had the impression that it didn't suit the elegance and sophisticated atmosphere that our brand was aiming for. However, it was difficult to make it look good.

Generally, if you suppress the colour and metallic lustre, it will become calm, but at the same time, the contrast will be weakened and you will not be able to finish the modelling beauty that we are aiming for. "

Mazda Platinum Quartz Metallic header 4
* Because it is a vehicle at the time of color examination, it is different from mass-produced vehicles and grades that can be selected in colour.

"Therefore, I thought that something was needed in addition to the image of platinum.
As I went back to the process of idea inspiration and examined it, beautiful quartz (crystal) with a translucent texture among minerals. ) Meet the photo.

By combining platinum and quartz (quartz), the final colour to aim for was decided.
In the highlights, I felt the colour of gold firmly, and while having a warm lustre, I focused on the texture that gently changes the brightness instead of falling black with stones in the shade. "


The deciding factor for colour creation is the creativity of the designer


"For this body colour, the creativity of the designer is the decisive factor for the colour, as if platinum was combined with the translucency of quartz.

My hobby is DIY, but I think that touching various things with my own hands and understanding the materials and the characteristics of the materials is actually useful for my work. For example, the colour of rusted iron and glue, the stones rolling on the side of the road, and even the colour of the cross-section when cutting wood can be found.

I think that having that kind of awareness will lead to various ideas. "

* Because it is a vehicle at the time of color examination, it is different from mass-produced vehicles and grades that can be selected in color.

What I was conscious of to convey the colour I wanted to achieve


"What designers draw is abstract and often cannot be conveyed by words alone, so I am always struggling with how to convey it to the members of the painting technology.
For example, while showing the visuals, the message of platinum and the message. I was conscious of disassembling and conveying the elegant atmosphere of the translucent feeling of quartz.

It's very difficult to pursue an expression that combines different materials such as platinum and quartz-like this time because it doesn't exist in the world. In addition, the colour of a car is not just beautiful, it is necessary to consider the colour fading and scratch resistance.

Therefore, from an early stage, we worked on colour development while communicating with the members of the painting technology. "


Creating colours that go beyond the boundaries of departments and work on "co-creation"

"In colour development, we also share it from the stage when the designer is creating the image, so that we understand that the designer is thinking about this now."

Mazda Platinum Quartz Metallic header 6
Tatsuo Tsuneoka, Painting Technology Group, Technology Headquarters

"In general, it is difficult to match the colour development and image that the designer thinks with the colour of the mass-produced car, and the colour changes unknowingly while developing from the designer with design, development, painting technology and baton touch. There is a risk of going away.

However, at Mazda, members of each department are working on "co-creation" beyond the boundaries of each department in colour development. I feel that this is a process in which the image of the designer and the value provided to the customer can be directly reflected in the paint film of the car. "


Listen to the image of platinum quartz metallic colours


"I thought that the colour lineup at that time was not in the colour lineup at that time, but the colour was silvery but had a pale colour, which would give customers a fresh impression.

We have been developing it so that it has a fine and delicate texture, which is also a feature of Mazda's colours, while also having a higher quality and gorgeous beauty. "

"By converting the image of the designer into optical characteristics (reflection of light, etc.), we will reduce it to a concrete colour. This time, the colour is as precise as carved metal and the intensity of the reflected light. The feature is that the colour changes slowly.
The movement of the paint components in the painting process is also calculated, and the calculation is performed using the simulation of the optical characteristics, and the combination of aluminium flakes and pearl pigment called mica is examined. Did"


What did you struggle with within the process of painting?


"The structure of the paint film is similar to that of polymetal grey metallic, and these colours have the characteristic that the brightness, shading, and colour change gradually. In order to achieve this, the angles of the aluminium flakes should be arranged neatly. By adding a slight inclination, the metallic tone is not too strong.


As a result, the beauty of the reflection of the swell of the soul movement design is emphasized while retaining the colour. In addition, platinum quartz metallic has a bright and pale colour overall, so if the angle of the aluminium flakes shifts even a little, the degree of change in brightness and colour at the viewing angle will change significantly. "


Mazda Platinum Quartz Metallic header 7

"We used the technology that we have cultivated so far, such as Takumi coating technology and two-coat coating.

For example, this time, we put reflective aluminium flakes in the coating film at a certain angle. We have achieved mass production of platinum quartz metallic by using the elemental technology of Takumi Nuri, such as arranging them side by side. "

"In this way, Mazda's colour development will match the direction of the members involved in design, development, painting technology, etc., and decide the colour in a way that pushes toward it."


Finally, I asked them what they would like to challenge in the future.


"The same is true for products other than cars, but the colours have a very strong message. When Mazda launches a new product to the world, being drawn into it is the most important point of body colour, which is the most attractive point. think.

How can you appeal to customers' emotions and emotional areas with design? At first glance, I feel that we must create new colours and values ​​that have never been seen before because we have the important role and responsibility of determining that impression. I will continue to do my best to design for that purpose. "(Teraoka)