27 October 2023 · Mazda Stories

Exploring the Mornington Peninsula



Exploring the Mornington Peninsula through clarity in design...

Think of architectural design in Australia, and one name springs to mind. Peter Maddison, one of the country’s most recognisable architects and the former host of Grand Designs Australia, recently set off on a design-led weekend road trip with the First-Ever, All-Hybrid Mazda CX-60 venturing through Melbourne's weekend playground – the Mornington Peninsula.

We joined Maddison as he sought to explore the synergies between his Mazda CX-60, and his most admired architectural delights.

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The peninsula is a special place for Peter, having spent many a weekend as a youngster touring the beaches and seeking out the best surf. Irrespective of whether there were good waves or not, Peter always felt energized just to get in the water ahead of his next return to the coast. As he aptly puts it, “the best memories are about the journey and not necessarily the outcome”.

His latest trip to the Peninsula in the Mazda CX-60 was about seeking out new places he hadn’t been to and in a car he hadn’t driven before.

He noted that the 90-minute journey was taken in his stride. The smooth and powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain – a first for Mazda, seamless design and intuitive technology left him feeling refreshed and energised.

“The drive was a testament to understated technology and intuitive controls embodying the essence of Japanese sensibility”

After the effortless drive from Melbourne in the CX-60 P50e GT, Peter arrived at Jackalope. Bold, monolithic, Avant-garde and completely out of place in what is considered a traditional vineyard location.

The hotel’s theme revolves around alchemy, the process of turning ordinary things into something rare and precious. Amidst the captivating rural landscape, the luxury hotel stands as a unique blend of destination and design. Jackalope, much like Mazda’s CX-60, transforms a standard experience into something extraordinary.

“Great design is defined by a strong idea but only born out in execution. The devil is in the detail.”

As those familiar with the area would attest, a trip to Mornington is incomplete without savouring the region's culinary delights.

Peter took a road away from the norm and followed the signs to the often-unexplored Western Port side of the Mornington Peninsula. The Mazda CX-60 proved to be the perfect companion, effortlessly navigating through the picturesque countryside with its signature Jinba Ittai driving dynamics.

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Peter also ventured to Pt Leo Estate – a destination renowned for both dining and design.

“Design can be expressed in any number of forms,” Peter said “But when you experience purity and a clarity in design, it affects one’s emotions and takes one to another level.

“The Mazda has a physical and an emotional response when you hop into the vehicle and drive it, much like the Point Leo estate, where one is affected with an oral and a physical experience upon entry. That’s something you take away with you.“

Peter’s journey throughout the Mornington Peninsula not only evoked cherished memories of his time in the region, but also served as a reminder to revisit a home his Architectural Practice designed over 10 years ago.

The home is an addition to an existing log cabin in Blairgowrie. Situated amongst a dense collection of indigenous Moonah trees, on a sloping site, it responds to the site topography and vegetation. The addition provides a self-contained retreat with living spaces, storage and an upstairs bedroom and ensuite. Prevailing winds and solar orientation also informed the design, which the interior, in turn, reflects.

And much like this impressive dwelling, Peter suspects the CX-60 will also stand the test of time for many years to come…