3 March 2023 · Mazda Australia News

MIGHTY CAR MODS | Road-Tripping In A Mazda Rotary Icon

Mazda Rotary Icon
Image credits: James Greig

Mention Mighty Car Mods to any car enthusiast – regardless of where they live in the world – and they’ll immediately give an appreciative nod.   

From humble beginnings filming DIY car mods on their driveway in 2007, to amassing almost 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube alone, Marty and Moog deliver hugely entertaining, and impressively diverse content that taps into the many broad churches of car culture globally.

With an unrelenting penchant for JDM, the YouTube sensations turned their attention to Mazda for the latest instalment in their hugely popular ‘Turbos and Temples’ series, and as soon as Japan’s international borders officially opened up to tourists in late 2022, the pair booked their flights and headed straight for the Land of the Rising Sun.  

They had a special mission: to collect a completely sight unseen – but fortunately incredibly well cared for – Mazda RX-7 FD that Marty had bought over the internet, and take it on a road trip to Mazda’s hometown, Hiroshima.

The journey becomes a proper shakedown, with the duo gaining a deeper understanding of what makes the car, and the country, so iconic along the way.

Mazda Rotary Icon 2
Image credits: James Greig
Mazda Rotary Icon 3
Image credits: James Greig

Mazda was keen to get involved, giving Marty and Moog special access to the Mazda Museum and its sprawling Hiroshima factory, as well as an invitation to ‘Mazda Fan Festa 2022’.

They also had the opportunity to spend valuable time with legendary Mazda engineer Yamamoto-san, who gave them a fascinating insight into his decades-long career overseeing the Rotary engine development for the FD series, the Mazda 787B Le Mans-winning prototype racing program and the introduction of the MX-5 ND.

TURBOS & TEMPLES 3 // JDM Feature Film 4K

The result is ‘Turbos and Temples 3’: a 90-minute feature film with movie-like production quality, a captivating soundtrack, the Mighty Car Mods signature blend of comedy, enlightening experiences and meaningful reflection.

It’s also a real appreciation of the Mazda Zoom Zoom philosophy, and a celebration of the Mazda RX-7 – one of the most revered icons in the brand’s history.