Quick-Smart Mazda Service at Mount Gravatt Mazda

Your life is fast paced. So is Quick-Smart Mazda Service.

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Your life is fast paced. So is Quick-Smart Mazda Service.

The car servicing experience at Mount Gravatt Mazda in QLD promises to be unforgettable, for both you and your car. Next time you book a service, why not try a Quick-Smart Mazda Service. Designed to make your life easier, we work to have your car ready as quickly as possible – in most cases within the hour.  We do need you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure your vehicle is in the workshop and ready to go at your allotted time. This ensures we are able to have you back on the road on time.

If you are a customer that likes to wait whilst their car is serviced, a Quick-Smart Service is perfect for you.

The Quick-Smart Mazda Service still comes with all of the great extras that you have grown to love about South City Mazda servicing:

  • One (1) year roadside assistance after each service
  • Vehicle wash and vacuum at the time of servicing
  • Additional extra year warranty when you buy and service your car with Mount Gravatt Mazda

Quick-Smart servicing is an innovative solution to the traditional process of vehicle servicing providing a quick and convenient facility, delivered at no extra cost to you. Our one hour quick service applies to most scheduled services, but bookings are essential.

To ensure your vehicle is shown the attention it deserves, the Quick-Smart Mazda Service is only available for vehicles at their 10,000km, 20,000km, 30,000km, and 50,000km service. Quick-Smart service is not available if a program update is required due to the additional time necessary for the updating.

Mount Gravatt Mazda are proud of their accreditation as a Quick-Smart Mazda Service provider which required meeting stringent benchmarks set by Mazda Australia. Your vehicle will be in good hands and serviced by two dedicated technicians, in a purpose built express servicing bay. You can be confident as all of our service technicians are experienced in all models and their respective maintenance requirements and are committed to getting your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

For more information or to make a booking please speak to one of our friendly Service Advisors, who are a diverse team of male and female staff, enthusiastic about their cars and ready to assist you every step of the way.

Ask us about Quick-Smart Mazda Service today.